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Mai’raj-un-Nabi (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) – The Ascension

Title Mairaj

Mai’raj-un-Nabi (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam)

Alhamdullilah the Holy month of Rajab (night of 27th of Rajab) marks the blessed event of Mai’raaj-un-Nabi (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam). Mai’raj-un-Nabi (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) is such a miraculous event that human mind is still in surprise. The night of Mai’raj was of highest pleasure in the life of Beloved Rasoolullah (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) and is the night of great blessings for all of us. In the same very night the five daily prayers were made compulsory and that’s why are described as mairaj of a momin. This journey contains knowledge of both spiritual and scientific world. This night marks the night when Beloved Rasoolullah (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) the only being to see Allah (Subhanhu Wa’Taala). The journey of Mairaj also contains the knowledge resembling the famous scientific theory of relativity about time and space by Einstein.

One of the important message from the event of Mai’raj is about peace for all and is described very eloquently in the speech by Shaykh-ul-Isalm Dr. Tahir ul Qadri (listen through link below). This message is derived from the dialogue between Allah (Subhanhu Wa’Taala) and Rasoolullah (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) during the night of Mai’raj. This message of peace we all need to implement in daily lives as we repeat during five daily prayers (see below):

AttahiyyaatuLillahi Was Salawatu Wattayyibatu Assalamu Alaika Ayyuhannabi ‘yu ‘Warahmatullahi Wabarka’tuhu Assalamu Alaina Wa’ala’Ibadillahis Saa’liheen, Ash’had’u’un La ilahaillallahu Wa Ash’hadu Anna MuhammadunAbd’uhu Wa Rasooluh

All compliments, all physical prayer and all monetary worship are for Allah. Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet, and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Peace be on all of us and on all righteous slaves of Allah. I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except Allah
And I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) is His slave and Messenger.

See below a summary of this blessed event from Quran-e-Kareem and Hadees-e-Pak.


Qur’an, Sura 17 (Al-Isra) Ayah 1: Holy (i.e., free of any imperfection, weakness, and insufficiency) is He Who took His (most beloved and intimate) Servant in a small portion of a night from the Sacred Mosque to the al-Aqsa Mosque, whose surroundings We have blessed, in order that We might show Him (the Perfect Servant – Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) Our signs. Surely, He is the one Who is All-Hearing, All Seeing.

Qur’an, Sura 17 (Al-Isra) Ayah 60: And (recall) when We said to you, “Indeed, your Lord has encompassed (all) mankind (within His knowledge and might). And We have made the vision (on the Night of Ascension/Isra/Mairaj) that We showed you but a trial for the people; (the believers believed in it), whilst those having superficial vision were confused) and also that tree (of Zaqqum) which has been cursed in the Qur’an.

Qur’an, Sura 53 (Al-Najm) Ayah 13-18: And assuredly, He (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) saw Him (Allah Almighty Unveiled) the second time (again and you argue only about seeing Him once). At the farthest Lote-Tree- Sidra al-Muntaha. Adjacent to that is the Eternal Paradise – Janna Al-Ma’wa. When theophanies (i.e., effulgent disclosures) of the divine light wrapped up al-Sidra (the Lote-Tree at the Far End), covering it expansively. His (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) eye neither inclined aside nor overstepped the limit; (it gazed in ecstasy at Whom it was to gaze). Surely, He (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) saw the greatest of His Lord Almighty’s signs (during the Ascension Night).


Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: That he heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “When the people of Quraish did not believe me (i.e. the story of my Night Journey), I stood up in Al-Hijr and Allah displayed Jerusalem in front of me, and I began describing it to them while I was looking at it.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Falsafa-e-Mairaj – A Book to Read:

The Philosophy of Prophet’s Ascension (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) – Falsafa-e-Mairaj un Nabi (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) – A great book by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri: (dowload at link below)


Lectures on Mairaj to Listen:

Meraj-un-Nabi (Sallulaho Alaihi Wasallam) Conference at Utah Islamic Center USA, Speech by Shaykh-ul-Islam (June 2012)

Miraj un Nabi (S.A.W) by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Tareeq e Meraj ka biyan by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Mai’rak Ki Baat by Dr. Habib Asim

Fazail e Shab-e-Mai’raj:

To read a small booklet about the Fazail of Rajab and Shab-e-Mai’raj (by Ameer e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri) click below:

Kafan Ki Wapsi With Rajab Kee Bharain

Virtues of Rajab Fasting_Rajab ka Roza

Jazkak’Allahu Khaira

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