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Ramadan Mubarak – Islam, Emaan aur Ehsaan

Assalam-o-alaikum dear friends:

Alhamdolillah the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching us (the Muslim Ummah). First of all Ramadan Mubarak to whole Ummah. On one side Ramadan comes with the end bless mercy and forgiveness of Allah Almighty and on the other side it gives us an opportunity to excel our faith from a Muslim to a Momin to a Mohsin. This message is intended to remind all of us to strive for attaining the level of Ehsaan and lists some resources for guidance.

Surah 2, Ayah 183: O believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you so that you may become pious.

Surah 2, Ayah 185: The month of Ramadan (is the month) in which the Qur’an has been sent down as guidance for mankind containing clear signs which lead (to the straight road) and distinguishing (the truth from falsehood). Therefore, he who witnesses this month must fast it, and he who is ill or on a journey should complete the count by (fasting on equal number of) other days. Allah desires ease for you and does not desire hardship for you so that you complete the prescribed number of fasting days, and that you glorify Him for the guidance which He has blessed you with, and that you may become grateful.

Summary: All the actions of a person are for himself except for the fasting which is for Allah Almighty and will reward it Himself (Almighty).  In the month of Ramadan the doors of heavens are opened and doors of hell are closed and all shayateen are chained.

Helpful Resources:

1.       Al-Quran (Urdu and English Translation)

For listening with Urdu translation click here

For reading with Urdu and English translation click here

To subscribe for daily reading of few verses of Quran-e-Kareem and one Hadees-e-Pak: http://www.mustaqeem.net/

2.       Hidayat-ul-Ummah (Compilation of Quran and Ahadees)

We all strive to gain understanding of any subject with references from Quran-e-Kareem and Sunnah of our Beloved Rasoolallah (Sallaho Alaihi Wasallam). In this regard please consider reading this great book (Hidayat-ul-Ummah) which is an excellent compilation of Quranic Verses, Ahadees and traditions of Quroon-e-Oula on various blessed subjects. To read and download click here

3.       Faizan e Ramadan by Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat

To read a highly blessed book about Faizan-e-Ramadan click here

4.       Few Blessed Lectures

5.  Blessed Duas

6.  Mamoolat-e-Ramadan


7.  Zikr after Farz Namaz


Jazak’Allahu Khaira and remember whole Ummah in your prayers !

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