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Peace for Humanity – An Endangered Specie: An iVision4mm Forum for Muslim Ummah’s Shared Voice for Global Outreach to End Blasphemous Acts

Assalam-o-alaikum dear friends,

This post is dedicated to the ‘Love, Respect and Esteem Status of Beloved Rasoolullah (Sallalulaho Alaihi Wasallam)’. The main objective of this post is to highlight the fact that hatred speech and blasphemous acts are a great threat to overall ‘Peace for Humanity’ which is already becoming an endangered specie in this time and age.

This post will be frequently updated to provide a common forum for putting together prominent news media and other efforts of whole Ummah against the denigratin film ‘Innoce of Muslims’ and other blasphemous acts and provide as a source for shared voice of Muslim Ummah for peaceful dialouge with world community.

Peaceful protests and global outreach are very important aspects of our efforts to make a global impact and awareness about the harmful effects of blasphemous acts. This is indeed one of the best course of action to raise the voice of Muslim Ummah. We all must join in this effort and share such ideas in the form of articles, news reoprt, FaceBook, Twitter and other means to whole World.  Many thanks to all the organizations and leaders for standing up for this cause and working tirelessly for the “Peace for Humanity” which is becoming an endangeed specie. May Allah Almighty bless these efforts and bring a global change for the sake of Beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)! Ameen

Jazak’Allhu Khaira

iVision4mm – illuminating vision for moderate muslims

PS: Please share any news articles, media coverage and other prominent efforts made for global outreach to end blasphemous acts to be included on this page. Email at: ivision4mm@gmail.com

Global Outreach Efforts

Sign White House Petition

White House Petition – Outlaw Offending Prophets (Alaihis Salam Ajma’een)

TV Interviews

Sept 28, 2012: Dunya News-On The Front With Kamran Shahid-28-09-2012: http://youtu.be/EC9PxPOMIXg

Sept 21, 2012: Innocence of Muslims provides legal coverage for Bin Laden’s illegal ideology: http://youtu.be/JXjxDWpFFrQ

Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – 17th september 2012:  Part 2 Part 3

Other Multimedia

  • When They Insult Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by Br. Nouman Ali Khan click here to watch

Print Media

Express News Article – Zero Point by Javed Chaudhry

Russian court bans ‘extremist’ video ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – Read News Report

Action Forums

  • http://www.muslimactionforum.com: Muslim Action Forum was formed on Sept 19, 2012 in a gathering of over  100 leading Muslim Scholars, Spiritual leaders and representatives of major Muslim organisations took place in Birmingham, in response to the vilification of Islam, by the outrageous film ‘Innocence of Muslims”. Please do sign a petition on this website.

2 comments on “Peace for Humanity – An Endangered Specie: An iVision4mm Forum for Muslim Ummah’s Shared Voice for Global Outreach to End Blasphemous Acts

  1. iVision4mm
    October 6, 2012


    Please read & share this post dedicated to provide a common forum for Muslim Ummah to raise their voices together against blasphemous acts. Please also send any links to prominent efforts in this regard to be included in this post.

    Jazak’Allahu Khaira

    iVision4mm Team


  2. ZAHID
    October 8, 2012

    Freedom of Speech against Holy Prophets and Holy Books

    Letter to US, UN, EU Ambassadors, Legislators

    Hello Sir,

    How are you Sir, I am Pakistani citizen and want to attract your kind attention on the issue of Disregard of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Being a peaceful human it is our duty to not spoil the peace of the world.

    You may be the follower of Prophet ESSA (AH) or Musa (AH). They all are the Prophets of God Almighty. They told us the right path of living, they told us the code of life, they told the origin of life and life after death. Man is the only creature who require education and training to live . Other creatures born on their nature and no one teach them how to live, they already know how to live. Man is absolutely animal without the guidance and teachings of the Holy Prophets sent by the God Almighty. God teaches us how to live peacefully in this world through His Prophets and Holy Books.

    All Prophets are respectable. We can not even think about the disregard of the Prophet ISSA (AH) or Prophet Musa (AH) or any others. We can not even think to talk about Holocaust . If freedom of speech of Ussama Bin Laden is not acceptable, To throw shoes on President Bush is disregard, to abuse President UBAMMA or her wife is disregard, to abuse your mother is disregard, to talk about Holocaust is disregard then freedom of speech against Prophets, Holy Books is also disregard and dishonor that should not be allowed. This is also against the teachings of Hazrat Issa (AH).All Prophets and all Holy Books are for the welfare of Human Beings. Quran is for whole mankind and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is blessing for all creatures and worlds.

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet for whom God says in Quran that “I and my angels send blessings (pray) for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) you people should also send blessings (pray) to Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH )”. Such a personality whose lover and admirer is also GOD Almighty Who send blessings (pray) should not be dishonored, it is absolutely against the rules and regulations of God Almighty and I think the Western World is the Nation that is the role model for following the rules and regulations.

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’S Islam is near to nature. It cleans the human body through five times Wazoo and bath. It allows you to eat limited animals who eat grass and not those who eat deceased animals/ creatures. It instruct you to have interaction with your own wives protecting you from AIDS, destruction of family systems, Frustration, depression etc. Namaz is physical exercise, Zakat is for the protection of the poor of the society. The message of Muhammad (PBUH) is peaceful co existence. Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) made agreements with Christians and Jews for peaceful co existence. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his teachings of success for human being in this world and world after death.

    In 1985, Germany passed laws which described up to 5 years imprisonment on the following crimes, to use Nazi symbols, to talk or write against Jew religion, to not accept the massacre of Jews. Same laws have been passed by France, Italy, Spain, England ec. Even in 1992 United Nations passed resolutions in favor of Jews and called a serious danger to passions against Jews. The honor of Jews has been protected by the US, UN and EU but the honor of Holy Prophets and Holy Books is being destructed by US,UN and EU. Such laws are also required to protect the honor of the Holy Prophets and Holy Books who are directly from God Almighty.

    I request from my country and from Muslims who agitated on the roads in millions that please Kindly have a law in your country to ban freedom of speech against all Holy Prophets of God and Holy Revealed Books.

    Member Pakistan Library Association
    M Phil Scholar
    Minhaj University, Lahore. Pakistan

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